Support a great PH awareness event on August 17!

Support a great PH awareness event on August 17!

Read all about an amazing awareness and fundraising event organized by the Team PHenomenal Hope in the US. One of the pulmonary hypertension specialist physicians from Pittsburgh, US, Dr. Patricia George, is biking solo Paris-Brest-Paris.

“Paris-Brest-Paris” is one the most famous long-distance randonnée events in the world. This event, held every four years, brings thousands of riders from all over the world.

Among the riders this year will be the colours of Team PHenomenal Hope!

Dr. George says: “This ride will be the farthest I’ve ever ridden at one time. I have only 3.5 days to cover 1.230km (that’s 764 miles!), over twice the longest distance I’ve ever ridden solo. Unlike many past ultracycling races, this time I won’t have a crew with me guiding me every step of the way. Randonée events are about being self-supported, if your bike breaks, fix it. If you hurt somewhere, deal with it. But I won’t be riding alone. I’ll be riding with the members of the PH community, PHriends and friends in my mind and heart.”

All of the European PH community is with you Dr. George, good luck!

If any PHA Europe members live near the route and want to go cheer her, the list of places it passes through can be found under “Control Points” (scroll down) at:

Paris-Brest-Paris Poster